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Second Chances: Receiving the Gift of Life
By Jeffrey R. Lueders

My Story

  • Almost 12 years ago I received the gift of life, a heart transplant.
  • My donor, Brandon, was only 15, riding his bike home when he was tragically hit and killed by a car.
  • During my illness and wait for an organ, I lost faith in God but He never gave up on me.
  • My accomplishments and zeal for life since my transplant - completing graduate school, getting married, writing this book, all while working full time for LifeCenter, the local organ recovery agency in Cincinnati.
  • Other Transient Recipient Friends

  • Read about others who have received heart, liver, kidney, and kidney/pancreas transplants as well as a young burn patient who received donated skin.
  • People like Patty Britton, a young woman who has survived 3 liver transplants. Who, in an ironic turn of events, also became a donor mother when her newborn baby Cliristopher lost his fight for life.
  • Donor Family Stories

  • Donor families who have lost sons and daughters, wives and morns, share their stories and decisions to donate their loved ones organs, during a time of great duress.
  • The Need for Organ and Tissue Donation

  • There are now more than 72,000 people on the national waiting list for organs.
  • In the United States alone 15-16 people die each day waiting on the list.
  • Learn how you can make a difference. How to request an organ donor card.
  • One person can save or enhance the lives of as many as 50 individuals.
  • It's an inspirational book. You'll laugh when you read about the dreams Wink White had while experiencing "ICU psychosis" in the hospital hooked up to the Novacor, waiting for a heart. You'll cry when you hear the heart-breaking story of the Ruwans, whose teenaged son Randy took his own life on Christmas Day 1992. But through it all, you'll come away with a sense of how important faith is, not only to help the recipients through their illness and transplant but also for those courageous donor families who during a tragic time have offered others the gift of life.

    To order your copy of Second Chances: Receiving the Gift of Life, just send cash, check or money order  made payable to Jeff Lueders for $14.00 (includes postage & handling) for each book ordered, and mail to:
    Jeff Lueders
    4341 Regency Ridge Court, #308
    Cincinnati, OH

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    A portion of each book we sell will be donated to LifeCenter, the local organ recovery agency. Thanks for  your support!


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