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Transplant, a medical thriller by John A. Elefteriades, MD

Imagine your son is dying from advanced heart failure. Then, imagine that you are a billionaire industrialist of unlimited means and influence. How far would you go to get an organ for your loved one? How far should you go? These are the ethical questions that are raised in this mystery novel penned by a respected heart surgeon.

In the novel, a brilliant heart surgeon, devoted to his work at the expense of his family, is drawn into the billionaire's loop. He is the best, and the billionaire has chosen him, and him only, to do his son's forbidden operation. The billionaire first tries the carrot (seduction by an aging actress of legendary beauty--do you recognize her?) and then the stick (imperiling the surgeon and his family).The surgeon steadfastly refuses to be involved in what he sees as a breech of medical ethics.

Matters escalate from there. The reader is drawn into this story, with vivid operating room sequences that only a surgeon can realistically craft. The pages turn fast as one surprise twist leads to another.

Free your schedule, as this medical thriller will interfere with your plans; you will not want to put it down until the end. And, you will find that the author has surreptitiously taught you about heart disease in the process, as well as made you think hard about ethical issues in transplantation that are all too real in today's world.

Transplant, by John A. Elefteriades, MD
ISB N: 978-1-894689-10-6
Robot Press


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