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A Message from the President Tony Mankus
Hello everyone. Hopefully all of you had a nice and safe summer. We had another successful annual picnic on July 21, 2019. It’s nice to see old faces even if it’s only oncea year. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially being indoors at the Oasis Conference Center and not being outside in the heat. The homemade desserts were wonderful. Twelve heart transplant recipients attended the event and had the opportunity to renew old friendships.

Unfortunately, two outstanding heart transplant recipients were not in attendance and were greatly missed. One was Glen Moore, a long time Trustee and the group photographer, who had passed away at the end of April. He and his wife Ruby were also very active with the Life Center.

The second person was Debbie Stoeckel who had passed away the previous Monday. She and her husband Bill were active in the Change of Heart and Pick Ribbon Girls, along with doing volunteer work for the Life Center. She enjoyed volunteering and being a part of support groups. She was a fighter, someone who never gave up. Debbie inspired people and gave them hope. Her smile would light up a room when she entered. The Life Center graciously provided a large photograph of Debbie for us to sign off on at the picnic. The photograph was later given to her husband Bill. Debbie and Glenn will be sorely missed by all of us.

Upset Tummy?

This PDF article speaks to the importance of keeping your doctor informed about stomach upset problems and managing side effects of transplant medications.
GI (gastrointestinal) upset is one of the more common, but less severe side effects caused by some transplant medications.

  • GI Upset PDF Doc
    Are You Donation Savvy?

    This PDF details how to join the Ohio Donor Registry. Many organs and tissues can be donated to help save the lives of those in need. Please consider joining the registry so that you can help extend the lives of your fellow citizens.

  • Donation Information PDF Doc

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    Books Of Interest

    A novel by John A. Elefteriades, MD. Medical Fiction, Bending medical ethics. A fast read that keeps pages turning.

    "Cold Hands, Warm Heart"
    By Jill Wolfson A novel of teens going through transplants.



    Personal Stories

    A Change Of Heart

    On Easter Sunday, March 31, 1991, I had a change of heart – literally!  On that date I was the joyful recipient of a heart transplant.  A procedure that had become almost routine to the medical profession was an answer to prayer to me in the form of a 20th century miracle.



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